Once Upon a Time (2024)

ONCE UPON A TIME is designed to be an immersive, site-specific piece which allows the audience to experience the multidisciplinary performance from a new perspective. Inspired by Austrian and German fairytales and myths, the piece invites the audience on a part-magical, part-psychodelic journey with a group of storytellers guiding the audience through scenes whose mythical origins are only alluded to, leaving space for individual imagination.


Directed by:

Nika Bauman



Nika Bauman (flute, voice, direction), Anna Barbara Bonatto (dance, choreography, direction assistance), Iva Casian-Lakoš (cello, voice), Sarah Maria Dragović (viola, voice), Marko Ferlan (double bass, guitar, voice), Rino Indrawan Indiono (dance, choreography), Tomaž Zevnik (clarinet), Salicula (costumes)



Giovanni Sollima, Nika Bauman, Franz Schubert, Oscar Antoli, Manuel de Falla, Luigi Boccherini, Marko Ferlan, Tomaž Zevnik,  traditional music of Lower Austria


Comissioned by and premiered at the MilchxHonig Festival 2024 in Kasematten, Wiener Neustadt (AT)

Milch x Honig Festival 2024, Wiener Neustadt (AT)

Photos by Sofija Palurović

Photos by Manfred Gartner and Rudolf Wehr