Synesthetic Project is an interdisciplinary  music theatre ensemble lead by the Vienna-based musician and director Nika Bauman. It consists of an international cast of musicians, dancers, animators and videographers molded into specific formations depending on the project. Through an interplay of music, dance and video, the artists explore concepts and tell stories of diversity, understanding, tolerance, communication, of mutual giving and receiving. The goal is to create a world where variety is celebrated, where artists and audience meet without prejudice and boundaries of time, style and medium and enjoy the sharing and reinterpretation of their creative stories through another’s eyes. 


Since its formation in 2019, the ensemble has produced six different music theatre pieces, produced seven videos, was comissioned several new pieces from various festivals, performed in Austria, Germany, Croatia and Ireland and was awarded various grants from the cultural offices such as the BMKÖS, City of Vienna, Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.