LUX is a piece about light. Light as a symbol of knowledge, courage and hope
gleaming in the darkness of fear, ignorance and despair. Light as a thing that shows us the way but also as something that can easily trap us and lure us astray. Light as a thing that casts shadows. Light that always gives way to darkness only to be reborn again. In a piece inspired by the Baroque period and the Era of Enlightenment, six musicians and one dancer explore all qualities of light, both literal and metaphorical. Through an interplay of music, dance and light, they face their fears, flaws and despair. They dive into the shadows and are drawn to the flame. Finally they come out with the light of hope and the fire of creativity to fight the darkness of loneliness and insecurity.


Nika Bauman (flute, direction), Anna Barbara Bonatto (dance, choreography), Dalina Ugarte (violin), Jenia Pavlova (violin), Dora Šimunić (viola), Andrija Šimić (cello), Marko Ferlan (double bass)

Works by: Antonio Vivaldi, Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach, Yan Maresz, Peter Sculthorpe, Georg Philipp Telemann as well as freely improvised music


Photos by Sofija Palurović