Disfigured Night

“Disfigured Night” is conceived as a prequel to the famous poem by Richard Dehmel and composition by Arnold Schoenberg, inspired by his own love story with his wife Ida Dehmel. While “Transfigured Night” tells the story of two lovers who find each other through forgiveness and understanding, “Disfigured Night” takes a step back to a night before the transfiguration and looks at the protagonist. How could she have put herself in such an unforgivable and unworthy position – unmarried and pregnant? Could she have chosen it by choice? And what will she do now, finally in love and yet fearful of abandonment and shame? Guided by the poems of Richard Dehmel, the music of Bahar Royaee, Richard Strauss, Lili Boulanger, Leo Brouwer and André Jolivet, as well as a newly commissioned work “Morana” by Mak Murtić, the Synesthetic Project ensemble tells the story of the struggle for one’s life, rights and independence – the story of a dark night and a courageous woman.


Nika Bauman (flute, direction), Anna Barbara Bonatto (dance, choreography, direction assistance), Rino Indiono (dance, choreography), Mary Kirchdorfer (harp), Sarah Maria Dragović (viola), Oscar Antoli (bas clarinet), Marko Ferlan (guitar, double bass), Peter Ferlan (animation)

Works by: Mak Murtić, Bahar Royaee, Leo Brouwer, Andre Jolivet, Richard Strauss, Lili Boulanger

Poems by: Richard Dehmel



Milch x Honig Festival, Kasematten Wiener Neustadt, 2023